About Seahorse Silks



Mother Nature always amazes. She is never boring. Ever changing, ever surprising and never disappointing! As we do when we find something that excites us, we want to share it with others! I want to share the beauty I am lucky enough to witness and photograph. I want you to be able to enjoy it too without having to be there, at the place, on that day.

You may just love the colours, or you may have been to some of the places and love the memories.

Having my images printed on fabrics brings you Mother Nature's Masterpieces in a tactile form.The world is beautiful, enjoy it, wear it!

Seahorse Silks are designed especially for the discerning buyer who wants something different that feels great, looks amazing & is genuinely unique.

Small print & manufacturing runs ensure you are getting a truly limited edition product.

It has been quite a journey from the first idea to now, with help and encouragement from many friends, old and new. All the models you see here are friends, neighbours, just anyone I've managed to talk into modelling for me really. So, you are seeing Seahorse Silks being worn by regular people. We have a lot of fun doing the shoots and I think everyone has done a great job.

I hope you enjoy your Seahorse Silk as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


Robyn Boothey

+61 403 990 817


Australian photographer Robyn Boothey photographing waves at the beach for printing on Seahorse Silks silk scarves, clothing & tote bags