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Denim Ball Gown? - I Kid You Not

You Really Can Make Anything Out of Denim

While a denim predecessor known as dungaree has been produced in India for hundreds of years, denim itself was first produced in the French city of Nimes under the name “serge de Nîmes”.

But denim really gained popularity in 1873 when a Nevada tailer, Jacob W Davis made the first pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants.

This came about when a female customer requested a pair of durable and strong pants for her husband to chop wood. When Davis was about to finish making the denim jeans, he saw some copper rivets lying on a table and used the rivets to fasten the pockets. Soon, the popularity of denim jeans began to spread rapidly and Davis was overwhelmed with requests.


He was struggling to keep up with demand so he made a proposal to Levis Strauss & Co, the wholesaler he had been buying his denim fabric from. Davis's proposal to patent the design of the rivet-reinforced denim pant, impressed Levi Strauss & Co and the rest is history as they say.

All denim goes through generally the same process to creation.

1.  Cotton is harvested by hand or machine.

2.  A cotton gin separates the cotton fibre from the seeds.

3.  The fibre is put into bales. A bale weighs around 550 pounds and can make around 400 pairs of jeans.

4.  The cotton fibre is then spun into yarn.

5.  The yarn is dyed giving it color such as the classic denim blue.

6.  The yarn is then woven in a shuttle loom or projectile loom into denim.

7.  The denim is then sent to manufacturer for use.

Denim has come a long way from work pants. Durable and versatile denim is used for everything from clothing to upholstery. Designer jeans cost hundreds of dollars. And yes, you can even buy a designer denim ball gown! Have a look at these…..

Ralph LaurenGary HarveyCarolina Herrera

I love the variety of different shades it comes in and the way it wears. There is nothing quite like an old pair of faded jeans (that you can still get into). It is like old leather, it just gets better. Best of all you can wear denim anywhere & everywhere and with any colour you like.

I have tried so many scarves on a denim shirt & they all work!  Every colour of the rainbow goes with denim.  I'm going to test this out and will be posting more denim pics on Seahorse Silks facebook page, so check them out and see what you think.

City of Light cashmere & wool scarf by Australian designer Seahorse Silks

Crimson Sky pink sunset silk scarf by Australian Designer Seahorse Silks

Reef Pools 100% silk scar by Australian Designer Seahorse Silks

City of Light cashmere & wool
Crimson Sky silk
Reef Pools silk

Get out your denim – it rocks.