Melody Jacob Wears our Sienna Sun

Melody Jacob Wears our Sienna Sun

Posted by Seahorse Silks on 9th Dec 2017

Melody Jacobs is the CEO and founder of Melody Jacobs Blog

** A media influencer, Content Creator, Lifestyle and Fashion Model **

See our Sienna Sun Worn by Melody Jacob

MJB is focused on partnering with brands, marketing and recreating collections with/for brands. MJB has grown in becoming an international brand ambassador, representing different clothings lines and charity homes.

MJB has been featured on different magazines and currently stands as the face of different brands she works with, topping the best 5 blogs in Ukraine and 10 most influencer blogs in Europe.

We are delighted to have Melody review another one of our silk scarves.

This is what she has to say......


100% pure silk feels great all year round. Summer sarong or winter scarf - silk is stylish every season.

This is a good product the feel is so good that I literally want to hold it all the time.

Its my favorite and most cherished scarf at the moment.

Melody Jacob styles with Sienna Sun

The sun setting peek bow rail of the boat is a statement maker.

It's a big, bold design with warm colours of sienna and blood orange that look great as either a summer sarong or a winter scarf.

Versatile scoop design scarf sarong can be wrapped, tied and worn a multitude of different ways. Wear as a sarong in the summer or a scarf or shawl in the winter. Around your hips or around your neck, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Silk is light and cool in summer but gives warmth without weight in the winter.

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