Know Your Colours

Nature has provided us with colour.  We are bathed in light rays every minute of our lives.  The coloured rays affect not only our physical bodies but our emotions, moods and mental faculties.  The study of colour and its effects can be quite deep.

colour pigments yellow red blue green


We will stick to talking about wearing colour today.

We all have a unique skin tone, hair colour and eye colour combination.

Learning how to compliment your skin tone with the correct palette of colours is the key to looking your best and achieving that “Wow” factor.  Wearing the right colours can make your eyes pop, have you looking fresh and even younger!  The wrong colours can wash you out, leaving you looking wan and downright ill.


We fall into 4 main categories and they have been named after the seasons:



Skin:  creamy ivory, ivory with golden freckles, peach, peach beige, golden beige or golden brown, rosy cheeks (may blush easily)

Hair:  flaxen blond, yellow or honey blond, strawberry blond or redhead, auburn, caramel, copper, champagne, creamy white

Eyes:  blue, steel blue, green, green with golden flecks, clear green, blue green, topaz, aqua, teal, warm amber, warm hazel, caramel, turquoise

lady showing spring colour palette



Skin:  pink, rose or blue undertones, pale beige with pink cheeks, light beige, rosy beige or rosy brown, very pink, light ivory, grey brown, porcelain

Hair:  white blonde, ash blonde, dark ash blonde, mousy brown, ash brown, dark brown (taupe tone), pearly cool grey, grey blonde, pearl white

Eyes:  blue (with white webbing in iris cloudy look), blue green, green (with white webbing in iris cloudy look), soft grey blue, soft grey green, bright clear blue, pale clear aqua (eyes change from to blue to green, depending on clothes), hazel (cloudy brown smudge with blue or green), grey

lady showing summer colour palette



Skin:  beige, ivory, peach, golden beige, caramel, maple, dark beige (coppery), golden brown

Hair:  red or auburn, coppery brown, golden red, chestnut brown, dark warm brown, golden brown, mousy brown, dark golden blonde

Eyes:  dark brown, golden brown, amber, hazel, green gold, green, olive green, turquoise (in red haired), topaz 

lady showing autumn colour tones



Skin:  porcelain, very white, white with slight pink tone, beige, roy beige, grey beige or brown, rosy, olive, almond, cocoa, mocha, mahogany, ebony, black with red or blue undertones

Hair:  blue black, jet black, brown black, dark brown with ash highlights, medium ash brown, salt and pepper, silver grey, white

Eyes:  dark brown, black brown, cool hazel, grey blue, blue with white flecks in iris may have grey rim, dark blue, violet, grey green, charcoal

lady showing winter colour palette


If you have never had your colours done I strongly recommend it.

You will have more confidence in what to wear.  You will stop buying things that do not suit you just because they are on sale.  You know the ones I mean!  They were not a bargain – they were a waste of money….. just saying!

When you wear something that fits well, is a fabric that feels good and is the RIGHT colour, you will be amazed at how wonderful you feel and all the compliments you receive.

I have recently been collaborating with Your Colours here in Perth on a range of scarves that fit perfectly into each category.  So far we have come up with scarves especially for Summer and Autumn......

scarf by seahorse silks for summer tone lady
scarf by seahorse silks for autumn tone lady
Stay tuned for Spring and Winter.


To learn more about it and to book your own Colour Consultation click on this link: 
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