Scarves are a timeless and practical fashion accessory

Styles come and go but the scarf remains. It may change from skinny scarves to oversize scarves but the scarf will always be with us. It is not just a stylish fashion piece, it is practical. A neck scarf is one of the best ways to keep warm in the winter. A lightweight scarf can be used to keep the sun off you in the summer or to wrap around your hips to wear as a sarong.
It is a year round winner.
One of the best ways to add a bit of something “especially you” to an outfit is to add a unique scarf. A piece that enhances your colouring, or adds a splash of vibrant colour to understated basics. It really is the cheapest and easiest way to jazz up an outfit.
I have chosen modal as the basis for my Fashion Scarf range. Modal was developed in japan in the 1950’s. It is created by spinning cellulose from the beech tree. It is strong but very soft, breathable, drapes really well and is fairly crush resistant. It is considered one of the luxury fibres and is used a lot in fashion to blend with other fabrics.
I love the fact that it is tough but soft and makes a great scarf in the winter and a fabulous sarong in the summer. You will definitely get year round wearing from my wearable art fashion scarves range. Dare to be different.

Need some easy ideas on scarf tying? See my How to Wear a Scarf page.