Collection: SILK SCARVES

Having a collection of silk scarves is essential

Wear one of these wearable art scarves and you really are adding unique style. Choose from this range of 100% silk and silk blends in various sizes, shapes and colours.
A bit of imagination and your favourite silk scarves will take you through all the seasons.

Silk has been around for a very long time

Most writings date it to about 3630 BC. It was originally a material reserved for Emperors but gradually more people began wearing silk and eventually The Silk Road brought this luxurious fabric to the rest of the world.  Silk takes dye like no other fabric and modern digital printing translates the colours of my photographic images exceptionally well.
At first touch of your precious new silk scarf, it may feel fragile but it’s actually one of the strongest fabrics there is.  Silk may be elegant and soft, but underneath the shine it’s brimming with power.  Treat it well and it will last you for many years.
It can be worn many ways other than the traditional neck scarf. It can be a warm winter scarf, a cool summer scarf, a summer top, a kimono wrap or a sarong.

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