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Seahorse Silks

Azure Asymmetric Silk Georgette Shift Dress/Kaftan

Azure Asymmetric Silk Georgette Shift Dress/Kaftan

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Be your most beautiful in blue

Discontinued style/design - cover the postage and it is yours!

This 100% silk georgette shift dress is light and cool – perfect for summer fun. Enjoy the beautiful blues and patterns created by the clouds and the water in the lagoon. During the day wear it as a beach kaftan over your bathers or pop it over a singlet and capris. In the evenings wear it over a silk slip and dress it up with heels and a bit of bling.
Unique asymmetric design allows you to tie up one side at the front for a different style. Very versatile little shift dress.
This silk georgette is very light and consequently transparent. The under slip in the photos is not included.
  • 100% silk georgette
  • only one size left
  • approx finished garment measurements:
  • 0 (size 6) B: 96cm H: 108cm
Made in Western Australia by Seahorse Silks
Created from this photo taken at
South Beach Lagoon, Mana Island, Fiji
photo for azure designs by seahorse silks australia
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