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Seahorse Silks

Ningaloo Sleeveless Silk Shirt

Ningaloo Sleeveless Silk Shirt

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Ningaloo calls

The beautiful blue water of the Ningaloo Reef is so fresh & cool - this sleeveless shirt is a summer must. The front is a pattern created by the water that looks like you are swimming in the ocean.

Plain ivory back. Shaped in at the waist for a flattering outline.

  • 100% silk front
  • crinkle crepe polyester back
  • only one size left - medium
  • approx finished garment measurements:
  • B: 104cm  H: 116cm  L: 70cm
Made in Western Australia by Seahorse Silks
Created from a photo taken at
Ningaloo Roof

    photo of blue water at ningaloo for fabric print design

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