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Seahorse Silks

Salt Lake Large Square Silk Scarf

Salt Lake Large Square Silk Scarf

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This beautiful square silk scarf is for the pastel lovers

salt lake square silk scarf design by seahorse silks

The salt lakes on Rottnest Island have a lovely soft palette. The edges of the lake are pink and they fade into soft blue as the water deepens. This enables you to style the scarf in different ways to make to most of the different colours.
Wear as a scarf, shawl, sarong, kimono or even a halter top. This delightful silk georgette accessory is light and luxurious. A very feminine and stylish square scarf.
  • approx 130cm x 130cm
  • 100% silk georgette

 photo of pink salt lake at rottnest island for silk scarf by seahorse silks

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

* Gift box and card available while stocks last *

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