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Seahorse Silks

Splash Silk Scarf

Splash Silk Scarf

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Wear this silk scarf with a huge selection of outfits

100% silk bargain - cover the postage and it's yours!

splash silk scarf design by seahorse silks

Choosing different ways to tie the scarf will give you great variety. Accentuate the browns or the blues - your choice.
This scene at Point Cartwright, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland has warm brown and yellow barnacles on the rocks, then layers of water and sky for cool green and blue. Add a dash of white foam from the splashing wave for extra effect. Very versatile Australian silk scarf to wear with a huge selection of outfits.
  • approx 180cm x 40cm
  • 100% silk
photo of splashing waves at point cartwright for seahorse silks silk scarf
Point Cartwright, Budinna, Queensland
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