COTTON WOOL SKY Cashmere Scarf Pashmina



Stunning blue and lilac clouds look just divine on this luxurious 100% cashmere scarf pashmina.

The evening sky unfolded into pretty pastels and fluffy, cotton wool clouds from one horizon to the other.

Such a lovely image to have printed on cashmere.  Super soft cashmere to drape as a scarf or wrap as a pashmina. Fluffy clouds will keep you warm on the coldest day.

You can't go wrong with cashmere - always in fashion. This is a beautiful length of fabric that will make a worthy addition to your scarf and pashmina collection.

Super price for 100% cashmere.

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Fabric:  100% cashmere

Size:  Oblong - approx 2 meters long x 70 cm deep

Cotton Wool Sky photograph lilac blue fluffy clouds for cashmere scarf pashmina by Seahorse Silks

Location:  Gelfro Farm, Wandering, Western Australia

Photographer:  Robyn Boothey

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