LIONFISH Silk Oblong Scarf

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Oblong silk scarf of aqua blue ocean & a lionfish design.

A lionfish swimming in clear, cool blue waters looks awesome on this 100% silk scarf.

Such fresh colours bring on memories of lazy summer days, swimming, snorkling & diving. This silk scarf will go with just about anything. Wear with summer whites, winter greys or wrap around your hips as a sarong.

Silk is light, versatile and adds a touch of luxury to anything you wear it with.

Fabric:  100% pure silk

Size:  Oblong - approx 175 cm long x 40 cm deep

Your scarf comes in an elegant silver foil gift box with a postcard of the photograph used to create it

seahorse-silks-silver-foil-gift-box.png lionfish-oblong-silk-scarf-by-seahorse-silks.jpg

Location:  Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay, Western Australia

Photographer:  Ningaloo Kayak Adventures