REFLECTIONS Silk Oblong Scarf


Nautical design 100% silk oblong scarf of reflections of boats.

This is a very versatile and elegant silk scarf. Lovely blues & beiges in a varied stripe pattern, this scarf looks super smart with any outfit. Great with white & can be worn with any pastel.

Soft tones & serene nautical image depict the ambience so well - dusk on the river, the masts of the yachts catching the last of the suns rays & reflecting in the still water. Chill out & dream of summer days sailing with the wind in your hair.

You will enjoy this scarf - it is long enough to wear many different ways. You can even tie the ends together and turn it into an infinity scarf. It is also deep enough to wrap around your hips to wear as a sarong over your bathers in the summer.

Silk is such a great fabric - light & cool in summer whist still warm in the winter, a silk scarf brings a little bit of luxury to the simplest outfit.

Fabric:  100% pure silk

Size:  Oblong - approx 175 cm long x 40 cm deep

Your scarf comes in an elegant silver foil gift box with a postcard of the photograph used to create it

seahorse-silks-silver-foil-gift-box.png reflections-oblong-silk-scarf-by-seahorse-silks.jpg

Location:  Matilda Bay, Crawley, Perth, Western Australia

Photographer:  Robyn Boothey

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