A Cashmere scarf is the ultimate in warmth and luxury and worth every penny!

Cashmere has been manufactured in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years from the hair of the local goats. As the temperatures across the Himalayas can drop to 30 degrees below, they have an incredibly thick, warm coat. While a sheep can produce approx 3 kilos of wool each year, a cashmere goat will only give around 200 grams. So, yes, it is rare, very special and costly to produce. It is super soft, super light and divine to wear.
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Australian Merino wool is the softest and finest in the world.

Australia provides approx 80% of the world’s superfine wool and I am proud to have a range of scarves created with this incredible fibre.Great properties to have in a winter scarf is that Merino wool is warm, lightweight, does not itch and is antibacterial. The keratin in it breaks down the odour forming bacteria giving it a self cleaning function. Great when travelling or hiking as you can wear it again and again and it will not smell.
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