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Seahorse Silks

Poles Silk Scarf

Poles Silk Scarf

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Popular beach holiday spot creates a scarf with a fresh, cool look

poles blue silk scarf design by seahorse silks

This silk scarf will go with just about anything in your wardrobe. The blues of the sea and sky, the white beach sand and clouds create contrast behind the stark old jetty poles left standing at Hamelin Bay, in the SW of Western Australia. It is a great combination.
Large enough to wrap around your hips to wear as a sarong in summer. Small enough to wear as a foulard with a business suit. Light and cool, silk makes a wonderful accessory all year round - scarf, shawl or sarong.
  • approx 175cm x 40cm
  • 100% silk

photo of hamelin bay for wearable art silk scarf by seahorse silks
Hamelin Bay, Western Australia
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