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Seahorse Silks

Rotto Reef Silk Scarf

Rotto Reef Silk Scarf

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Wrap up in the glorious colours of the Indian Ocean

rotto reef silk scarf design by seahorse silks

Enjoy the turquoise water & golden reef. This light, filmy silk georgette scarf takes on different hues depending on the colour worn underneath. Large enough to wear as a pashmina, wrap or even a sarong in the summer. Year round styling.
Wearable art created from a photo taken flying over Rottnest Island, Western Australia. This popular local holiday spot has provided me quite a few images for scarf designs.
  • approx 200cm x 65cm
  • 100% silk georgette
photo of rottnest island for rotto reef designs at seahorse silks
Rottnest Island, Western Australia
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rotto reef wearable art scarf with trench coat
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