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Seahorse Silks

Turquoise Bay Waterfall Jacket

Turquoise Bay Waterfall Jacket

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Your Favourite Jacket

That is right - this little blue jacket really will become a favourite. It will add a splash of beautiful blue sparkling water to any outfit. Looks great worn over your bathers at the pool or the beach. Wear it over a slip dress to dinner. Wear it over jeans and tee shirt for a bit of casual style. Night or day. Casual or cocktails.

The waterfall design is super versatile and flattering.  It also has side splits so you can tie the front panels or leave it loose and long.

Modal fabric is light, soft, drapes well and is fairly crease resistant. You will find this lightweight jacket really easy to pack and travel with and you will get plenty of wear out of it.

The gorgeous blues of the aptly named Turquoise Bay shimmer with ripples and sun sparkles. It is a fabulous blue that looks great on everybody and can be worn with lots of different colours.

  • 100% modal - read about modal HERE
  • one size fits most - check measurements
  • approx finished garment measures:
  • B: 60cm H: 60cm L: 80 cm
Made in Western Australia by Seahorse Silks
Created from a photo taken at
Turquoise Bay, Western Australia
photo turquoise bay water for waterfall jacket by seahorse silks
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